Neil Young wrote one of my favorite songs in Junior High titled Sugar Mountain. It's the kind of song that when you hear it no matter what, it makes things better.

Our building was occupied by J. Bettis Yatch Brokerage for 49 years. I, Brad Emel, owner of Seabrook Classic Cafe, have starred at this building for 35 years! Knowing one day it would be mine and the name was going to be Sugar Mountain.

Who knew Coffee would be so trendy and that a Mountain of powdered sugar would be perfect on our freshly made Beignets.

This building has 3 rather large boat slips and a newly acquired (from a What-A-Burger tear down) Drive Thru window.

We opened Feb 28, one week before the pandemic shut down. We don't know what normal is, but we do know coffee, cold brew, alternative milks, and even Monk Fruit!

And yes there's more. Gelato, best ice cream ever, Italian Sodas made with Topo-Chico, Mango,Raspberry, & Strawberry pure flavorings

I wanted to put a twist on Drive Thru stereo-type. To offer a better choice than burger & fries. We make egg burritos everyday also chicken wings and a waffle shaped like the Great State of Texas. We are offering a daily KETO lunch or dinner meal. We'll make for all you normal eating people an amazing fried Shrimp Burrito, the way I was taught in 1992 in San Diego, when I was visiting during the Americas Cup, which we won by defeating Italy. I don't know how many Donut Shops have boatslips and I don't know how many Coffee shops are making Keto pizza but I do know one and it's Sugar Mountain.